Diabetes Management Program

Diabetes is a disease marked by high blood sugar levels as a result of either the pancreas not making enough insulin or cells not responding to the insulin that is produced.

At CCMH 医疗 Clinic we have a team dedicated to helping you understand and manage your diabetes.

Your diabetes care team includes a Clinical 健康 Coach and Registered Dietician who will work together with you and your provider to:

  • Provide education about diabetes and diabetes management
  • Assist you in setting personalized goals to improve your health and minimize your risk of diabetes-related complications
  • Help you develop a plan for meeting your goals

Clinical 健康 Coach

莎拉高卢, msn, rn
Clinical 健康 Coach

CCMH 医疗 Clinic offers a free Clinical 健康 Coach to patients with diabetes. The CCMH 健康 Coach is a patient advocate who:

  • Helps you to figure out the diabetes management goals that matter the most to you and provides support and resources to help you achieve your goals
  • Works with and supports you through face-to-face visits and follow-up phone calls
  • Connects you to other diabetic resources, such as diabetic education classes or dietician services
  • Helps you become an “expert” in the management of your diabetes

To contact 莎拉高卢, msn, rn, call 712-265-2700 to learn more about how you can access the Diabetes Management program.

Dietician 服务

A registered dietician is a food and nutrition expert. The registered dietician at CCMH can teach you the skills that will help you manage your diabetes by discussing how your food choices and diet affect both your blood sugar and the risk of diabetes- related complications. Brooke Tasler, the Dietary Manager at CCMH, is a licensed and registered dietician. 呼叫 712-265-2500 to contact Brooke for a consultation.

Servicios de Interpretación

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Certified Application Counselors

If you do not have health insurance or need financial assistance, 点击这里.

Take charge of your diabetes today.

If you have diabetes and are interested in learning about how the CCMH diabetes care team can help you improve your health while reducing your risk of diabetes- related complications, contact the CCMH Clinical 健康 Coach.

健康 coach services at CCMH are free and available through self- referral or referral from your medical provider.

If you have questions about how the CCMH diabetes care team can help you manage your diabetes, 今天就打电话给我们.